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This charge card system worked much like credit card systems work today. ETI gives you complete field support for sales and technical service.

It is essential that you ask any merchant service provider if they have their own gateway or outsource it to another company. Features of the Fast Charge Payment Gateway:.

Your credit card processing is in very good hands ! Have You Ever Accepted Credit Cards? Instant Credit card processing rates and fees by instant credit card processing specialists.

Instant Merchant Accounts. CONVENIENCE - Making it easy for your customer to pay you is probably the biggest reason to accept credit cards.

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Gateway Integration. Paperless check processing does not require an Internet merchant account, therefore businesses enjoy lower processing and transaction fees. Merchants can configure different membership subscription profiles and allow the consumer to select the one that fits their need. The Electronic Transfer, Inc.
"Accept credit cards with a Credit card processing application."
Recurring Billing Merchant Account. Free Set Up. There have been numerous studies showing if a merchant accepts credit cards as a form of payment that the merchant can increase sales dramatically. Best Shopping Carts.

All ISO/MSP sales agents will go through a criminal background investigation, credit check and CMTF verification before being allowed to sell merchant services for ETI. merchant account with each FastCharge gateway set up.This innovation was the Diner's Club charge card, which was established for business men to use for travel and entertainment expenses. If Yes, Do You Currently Accept Credit Cards? This is another one that would come under a special code as a high risk merchant. Wireless/Mobile Processing.

Credit Card Processing Resellers. Monthly donations can be fully automated on a recurring basis by charging credit cards or checking accounts.
"Fast Charge Payment Gateway."
This allows merchants to ensure their store is a success before quitting their jobs. Real-time instant approval or decline both online and offline (yes, you can accept credit card orders offline, too!). Merchant Banks usually contract with a Merchant Service Provider (MSP) or an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) to market services on behalf of the Bank.

Getting started processing transactions through the Fast Charge payment gateway is easy. Merchant Account Affiliates:: Credit Card Processing & Merchant Accounts.A product or service that is not on a restricted merchant list Many processors will work with you if you are willing to submit to special conditions if you have less than perfect credit or a risky type of business. Credit card holders could access cash in different currencies.

For our Premier International Payment Program. International Credit Card Processing. We offer the best merchant account and best credit card processing for U.S. Accept Credit Cards Today With Electronic Transfer, Inc.Getting started processing transactions through the Fast Charge payment gateway is easy. The Fast Charge Payment Gateway Membership system automates the entire process of selling login/password accounts for members-only web sites.

Dating service Merchant Accounts. Free Credit Card Processing Support. FREE Merchant Account !Internet Credit Card Processing & Internet Merchant Account. History of Credit Cards. Value-Added Resellers program is for Web Site Designers and Internet Service Providers who have the ability to set up and program shopping carts, the Fastcharge.com payment gateway and customized processing solutuions.

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The merchant service provider can tell you all the checking information that is necessary to collect from your customers. Retail merchant account. In the early 1970s, electronic authorizations allowed the retail establishment to get approval for credit card transactions 24 hours per day. By the 1960s, bank card associations begun to emerge.Getting started processing transactions through the Fast Charge payment gateway is easy. Free Merchant Account Set Up. Web Cart Guide.

Now with no set up fee and free fraud screening protection! If you want to give your business every chance to be a great success, you must take credit cards.24 X 7 Credit Card Processing Support. If you need Canadian credit card processing, pharmacy merchant account or pharmacy credit card processing or are a high risk merchant account please.

Settlement takes place as funds resulting in a credit to your checking account. COMPETE WITH THE BIG GUYS - Accepting credit cards levels the playing field with larger retailers. Price is important but should not be the only factor when choosing a credit card processor. You get all the extra anti-fraud features like address verification, realtime credit card verification and free daily batching. Merchant Account Solutions. In 1951, the Franklin National Bank in New York, issued the "Charge It" card.Settlement takes place as funds resulting in a credit to your checking account. Eventually, charge card issuing and processing became too large of a task for the banking industry to handle. Home Products & Services. The secure application on this site and Fastcharge.com processing gateway utilize 128-bit SSL certificates issued by. No merchant account sales are required for you to be paid for a lead.

When you, the merchant, want to accept a credit card for payment, the following process occurs (this is a brief summary):. Internet merchant accounts and credit card processing with a free shopping cart at the lowest rates.Here are some more good reasons to take credit cards:. The best credit card processing transactions are done via accepting credit cards with a credit card processing gateway or accepting online checks.

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