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Or a free shopping cart to accept credit cards online right now with free support online! Real-time payment authorization:. Fast Charge Payment Gateway; has a secure 128 bit SSL environment which is simply the fastest and simplest method for secure payment processing.

The requirements and terms of service may vary a little from ISO to ISO. Internet Merchant Account Credit Card Processing. The industry is competitive and sales people will sometimes not identify fees, risk issues, and other important issues that can affect your ability to accept credit cards.

Internet Gateway Questions. Do I really need to accept credit cards?

That's the largest dedicated group in the merchant account business. Credit card processors are not all the same. By doing this, you are promising the merchant account provider, sponsoring bank, and issuing bank that you are prepared to deliver the goods and services expected by the cardholder.

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Includes a fully functional sample shopping cart and the DLL files if your're using the COM Object method to post transactions. Credit Card Logos.

Buyers checkout and you receive your payment instantly through your own merchant account and gateway. We use the Fastcharge internet payment gateway which includes free recurring billing, a free secure shopping cart, free fraud screening and internet check processing and credit card processing.

As well as offering accurate and timely authorization of customer transactions, Fast Charge Payment Gateway also provides the timely back-end processing necessary to settle transactions including e-mail confirmation for both merchant and customers. Takes the place of a credit card terminal or processing software saving you money because you don't have to purchase or lease the hardware or software. Or online online check processing now with free recurring billing check procesing! The Fast Charge Payment Gateway enables you to automatically accept, authorize and process secure credit card orders directly through your web site or virtual terminal.

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The credit card companies require that the merchants business, web site, products and services meet certain requirements and any merchant account provider is required to verify this. Non-Profit credit card processing gateway done via a secured server by accepting online checks or credit cards. Estimated Credit Card. Internet Service Providers. Is probably one of the most important fraud features for preventing massive credit card fraud. Maximum check processing limit is $10,000 per month.The online check processing service allows customers to securely purchase products and services using their existing checking or savings account while allowing businesses to expand their online payment options beyond credit cards. Example: Google.com - searching for merchant accounts. How do I get the money from a credit card sale?

Our non-profit merchant account and credit card processing solution allows you to set up and process online checks or credit cards on a recurring basis without any extra fees and is free to set up. Yes, make sure that the merchant service provider knows your interest to offer this important payment option to your customers, and can accommodate this service. Sales agent verbally verifies a merchant lease.CONVENIENCE - Making it easy for your customer to pay you is probably the biggest reason to accept credit cards. A product or service that is not on a restricted merchant list Many processors will work with you if you are willing to submit to special conditions if you have less than perfect credit or a risky type of business. Retail Merchant Accounts. In 1914, what seems purely as a customer service goodwill gesture, Western Union gave some of their prominent (preferred) customers a metal card to be used in deferring payments-interest free-on services used. You submit a Transaction to your processor using your electronic terminal or Online Processing Software.

Accept credit cards. Accept Credit Cards - Merchant Accounts - Credit Card processing - Links Page.This process entails your customer inputting his/her credit card information on a secure (SSL-encrypted) site, and in real-time. Retail merchant account.

Bankcard Agent program is for experienced bankcard sales agents who have at least one year experience selling merchant services.